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Daniel Nachmias is an entrepreneur who has led a successful career in the digital and media arts, his partner and co-founder Liran Salomon, an acclaimed Ashtanga Yoga instructor with decades of experience, were brought together by their shared vision to provide a service that would make practicing yoga enjoyable and accessible to the masses. The need for a platform that would grant a wide audience with an ability to practice yoga in the comfort of their own homes had inspired these successful entrepreneurs to create RESTART YOGA.

Yoga is a way of life that encompasses physical exercise, while simultaneously stimulating our minds and souls, encouraging self-growth and serenity.

Our dedicated team was inspired to make Yoga accessible to everybody, at any time and anywhere. In that spirit we set out to create a platform that celebrates yoga, one that provides you with an eclectic collection of disciplines, each being taught at all levels of experience by accredited and world-renowned instructors. We pride ourselves on the ability to provide live workshops and classes taught in real time for a competitive price.

We would also like to emphasize that while we celebrate Yoga as a way of life, we firmly believe that a healthy lifestyle does not begin and end with yoga, and for that reason we have created additional programs to encourage a wholistic, healthier lifestyle. Our programs include meditation, conditioning exercises, pilates and online classes.

RESTART YOGA is a collaborative enterprise that encourages collaboration with instructors and other yoga groups around the world. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Happy Yoga-ing