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connective tissue (fascia) Yoga of the tissues

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Teacher: Maia Yoffe
Method: Fascia Yoga - All levels
5 Clips
138.2 minutes

Fashia yoga is a practice for the tissues in our body, 
those who protect our muscles and our joints. 
In this course we will learn what is Fashia and what is the Fashia’s rule in our system. 
This practice will increase our range of movement, 
Better our elasticity, as well touch deeper aspects 
and layers of the Fashia and its purpose in our body
Looking good on the outside and feeling great inside.

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The fascial brushing technique
35 minutes
Implementing the fascial brushing technique
25 minutes
Fascia practice 1
20.2 minutes
Fascia practice 2
26.7 minutes
Fascia practice 3
31.4 minutes