Methods: Fascia Yoga - All levels, Yogametria - All levels

Yoga has been a part of my life for the past 20 years and has brought movement and health into my life.
Yoga has also opened me up to the knowledge and intelligence of the body and its movement.
It invites me to investigate and deepen my understanding of life itself.
Yoga is my work and my livelihood; I teach yoga and pass on the knowledge I received.
I believe that insights and understandings that are valuable to me, can be valuable to others too.

Hello, I am Maia Yoffe,
Much like in Cooking, in which I love to learn different recipes, combine them
together and add in my own personal twists, that is my way in yoga too.
I studied three very different methods of yoga and in my practice and my teaching,
I create a combination between them.
I am particularly interested in yoga for the menopause and yoga for athletes, as a complementary movement.
Senior yoga teacher, I teach yoga for 20 years. I studied Vinyasa yoga, Integrative yoga, and Iyengar yoga, as well as yoga therapy, pilates and mobility.

Course with Maia Yoffe

Anti-aging practice

Inter sustainment
Yogametria - All levels
15 Clips
443.8 minutes

Menopause is the time when hormonal changes accrue,
this causes our inner and outer tissues to dry.
The main point of this practice is to keep our tissues moist and saturated as much.
For example, oiling the joints, building elasticity and what’s good for our skin.
Very recommended for age 45 & above.

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Yoga with a stick - exploring Asanas

Simple alignment, flowing & accessible
Yogametria - All levels
16 Clips
282.1 minutes

Enjoyable practice, exiting and happy!
One prop, easy, comfortable and available – a broom stick.
With it’s help we can be more precise in the Asanas and also break some boundaries.
Who is this curse for: teacher who want to get more tools (literally) and for those who are experienced.

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connective tissue (fascia)

Yoga of the tissues
Fascia Yoga - All levels
5 Clips
138.2 minutes

Fashia yoga is a practice for the tissues in our body, 
those who protect our muscles and our joints. 
In this course we will learn what is Fashia and what is the Fashia’s rule in our system. 
This practice will increase our range of movement, 
Better our elasticity, as well touch deeper aspects 
and layers of the Fashia and its purpose in our body
Looking good on the outside and feeling great inside.

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