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Yoga with a stick - exploring Asanas Simple alignment, flowing & accessible

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Teacher: Maia Yoffe
Method: Yogametria - All levels
16 Clips
282.1 minutes

Enjoyable practice, exiting and happy!
One prop, easy, comfortable and available – a broom stick.
With it’s help we can be more precise in the Asanas and also break some boundaries.
Who is this curse for: teacher who want to get more tools (literally) and for those who are experienced.

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4 minutes
Center - the middle line
8.9 minutes
Chest opening - under the arm
14.6 minutes
Chest opening - under the nape
17.2 minutes
Lengthening of the spine
20.7 minutes
Twist strength
17.2 minutes
Unlocking upper body
18.1 minutes
On your knees
15.9 minutes
On the belly
17.2 minutes
Forward extension
15 minutes
Sitting mix
19.8 minutes
Forward/lateral extensions & twists
16 minutes
On the back
20 minutes
Combinations 1
26.9 minutes
Combinations 2
25.7 minutes
Combinations 3
25 minutes