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Anti-aging practice Inter sustainment

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Teacher: Maia Yoffe
Method: Yogametria - All levels
15 Clips
443.8 minutes

Menopause is the time when hormonal changes accrue,
this causes our inner and outer tissues to dry.
The main point of this practice is to keep our tissues moist and saturated as much.
For example, oiling the joints, building elasticity and what’s good for our skin.
Very recommended for age 45 & above.

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Joint mobility
27.4 minutes
Fascia unlocking
24.3 minutes
Mind body cennection & cross-System
21.9 minutes
Repositioning & decompression
26 minutes
Lymph work
25.9 minutes
The skin
26.1 minutes
Mix 1
35.8 minutes
Mix 2
36.1 minutes
Mix 3
33.9 minutes
Mix 4
32.5 minutes
Mix 5
33.3 minutes
Mix 6
33.2 minutes
Mix 7
28.5 minutes
Mix 8
28.6 minutes
Pelvic floor, women and men
30.3 minutes