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It's all about balance Specialized movements

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Teacher: Eddy Toyonaga
Method: Vinyasa - Advanced
11 Clips
128.6 minutes

This is an advanced course meant for individuals with extensive background. This course incorporates several meditation exercises and works to increase handstand balance by strengthening our core and joints.

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Crow Pose - Bakasana
7.6 minutes
Eka Pada Bakasana-one-legged Crow Pose
8.3 minutes
Flot Into Crow Pose - Bakasana
5.7 minutes
Transition Firefly Pose Into Crow Pose
10.5 minutes
Preparation For Handstand
13.8 minutes
17.7 minutes
Arm Stand Pincha Mayurasana
16.5 minutes
Mind Controlling Meditation
6.5 minutes
Meditation For Syncronyzing Heart & Mind
7.1 minutes
Meditation For Manifesting Your Heart's Desires
6.1 minutes
Yoga Nidra - Meditation For Chakra Clearing
23.2 minutes