Vinyasa Yoga is a relatively modern yoga technique rooted in Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga. The word Vinyasa is derived from the Sanskrit term Nyasa-“in a unique way”. Vinyasa practices a smooth, intelligently designed and harmonious transition between different asanas. This style of yoga highlights a union between movement and breathing as we transition from one pose to the next. Krishnamacharya’s (previously mentioned in the Ashtanga series) teachings underly the importance of paying attention to the transitional movements between different asanas, rather than focusing solely on the asana itself, thereby drawing attention to our bodies throughout the exercise. Vinyasa yoga focuses on deep methodical breathing while paying close attention to our body position as we advance through the exercise. This discipline is often dynamic and rhythmic (occasionally accompanied with music), however this is not always the case, the speed and tempo in which Vinyasa is practiced largely depends on the instructor and their method of teaching and can be very gentle and calm.

Power Vinyasa is a specific variation of classical vinyasa, that draws on its principles while incorporating a dynamic exercise. The transitions between asanas are rapid and the poses increase in difficulty throughout the session. The Poses range in difficulty and utilize many different positions including hand balancing exercises and challenging transitions between movements. It is often accompanied by music suited for the exercise.

Slow flow Vinyasa also draws its fundamentals from classical vinyasa, however these exercises are gentler and generally less intense. The pace here is slower and the transitions between different poses incorporate lots of resting positions allowing recuperation. This form of Vinyasa incorporates many gentle stretching positions and is suitable for any level of experience.

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It's all about balance

Specialized movements
Vinyasa - Advanced
11 Clips
128.6 minutes

This is an advanced course meant for individuals with extensive background. This course incorporates several meditation exercises and works to increase handstand balance by strengthening our core and joints.

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Morning Practice

A practice to begin the day
Vinyasa - All levels
3 Clips
61.3 minutes

Three short practices to start your day and get a boost of energy to your system.
This course supports the blood flow to your muscles and tissues, providing them with strength and endurance.
Regulating the breath and practicing stability, prepares your body for the day ahead of you.
Recommended every morning!

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The four elements - Water

Water Element
Vinyasa - All levels
5 Clips
127.7 minutes

A deep Vinyasa practice that involves all the senses of our body.
It will allows us to approach the deep part in us, physically and spiritually.
This course can bring hidden emotions up to the surface.
A comforting and therapeutic practice.

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The four elements - Fire

Fire Element
Vinyasa - All levels
5 Clips
128.4 minutes

In this course we will practice dynamic Vinyasa yoga that engages the whole body, combining movement with conscience breathing and synchronicity.
The practice is high-pace with a touch of challenging poses to increase our body’s heat and elevate our overall energy. 

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The four elements - Earth

Earth Element
Vinyasa - All levels
5 Clips
154.5 minutes

In this course we will focuse on grounding and rooting in the method of Vinyasa yoga.
We will work on the pelvic floor, strengthening of the legs and our core muscles.
This course is recommended if you are in need of balance and grounding.

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Back to basics

Specialized movements
Vinyasa - All levels
4 Clips
89.2 minutes

This course uses a unique, gentle flow suitable for all experience levels and ages. We incorporate several techniques to strengthen the core and lower body, emphasizing precise body movements and postures.  This course aims to provide you with the tools necessary to advance your individual training.

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The four elements - Air

Air Element
Vinyasa - All levels
5 Clips
182.4 minutes

A soft Vinyasa practice that allows us to build a connection with ourselves.
To approach our physical and mental body with love and compassion.
Complementary movements and flow, providing us with a light feeling of levity and dance.

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The principles of yoga practice

Introduction to the basics of yoga
Vinyasa - All levels
8 Clips
240.6 minutes

This course is an introduction to the basics of practicing yoga.
In the course we will dive in to the physical principles of practice – the Asanas (body postures)
as well as the mental aspects of practice – breathing and connection.
The course is suited for beginners and those  more advanced who want to sharpen their practice.

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Arm balance

Vinyasa - Advanced
7 Clips
201.7 minutes

This course teaches and establishes a strong base for arm balance asanas (poses)
Balance asanas (poses) come in different series and styles in the yoga world and in different variations.  
Learning to strengthen the base (Banda’s & core muscles), precision of breath while holding in asana (pose), correct worm-up for hand stands.
All of these will be learnd in this course.
The course Is suited for those who are more advanced and want to add a level of challenge to their practice.

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