Method: Vinyasa - All levels

​"What's so great about yoga , is that there are no shortcuts, you learn how to be very honest and simultaneously kind with yourself. The benefits are not in what you achieve in the postures , but in how you physically and mentally feel in order to  relate to the world"

For me, yoga is a powerful, daily exercise, both on the mat and off of it. It is a tool that helps me understand my physiology, my spirit and the world around us.
James began practicing yoga in san Francisco in 1999. He had initially experimented with various techniques until he discovered Ashtanga yoga. He studied under John Scott in new Zealand and Julie Martin in Purple Vaiiy. Throughout his worldly travels, James had immersed himself in discovering his inner self by practicing the Mysore technique.
James immigrated to Israel 13 years ago, he had since built his home here, and began teaching yoga in Tel Aviv where he established himself as a renowned Ashtanga instructor. Currently, James has been involved in teaching the Mysore Technique and introductory level Ashtanga. Additionally, James enjoys volunteering his free time to teaching Palestinian children.
James lives in Tel Aviv with his partner, Ofer and their two kids.

Course with James Marks

Back to basics

Specialized movements
Vinyasa - All levels
4 Clips
89.2 minutes

This course uses a unique, gentle flow suitable for all experience levels and ages. We incorporate several techniques to strengthen the core and lower body, emphasizing precise body movements and postures.  This course aims to provide you with the tools necessary to advance your individual training.

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