Nitsan Agassi

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Method: Ashtanga Vinyasa - All levels

Yoga for me is a constant present way of life. It is my teacher, my remedy and north star.

Learning and practicing yoga since 2010.
My first encounter with yoga was in India, later I found my real path, once I came back to Israel.
After 5 years of practicing by the tradition of Ashtanga yoga,
I discovered new aspects in new methods of yoga, such as Vinyasa, Shadow & Power yoga.
I believe that yoga is one, and that all the different methods of practice are an expression of an inner connection occurring on the mattress and outside in life. 
I invite you all to join me practicing inner peace in fluid movement and staying in asanas,
synchronizing the breath to the inner and group rhythm.
Self research and discovery out of playfulness. 

Course with Nitsan Agassi


Breathing technique
Hatha Yoga - Advanced
6 Clips
123.3 minutes

Pranayama are breathing techniques but more then that they are the practice of revitalizing the body’s life energy –  the ‘Prana’.
In this course we will get to know the foundations and techniques of pranayama using a counting breathing methods.
The course is suited for those who are advanced and have experience in asanas, and with an ability to seat for several minutes .

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The principles of yoga practice

Introduction to the basics of yoga
Vinyasa - All levels
8 Clips
240.6 minutes

This course is an introduction to the basics of practicing yoga.
In the course we will dive in to the physical principles of practice – the Asanas (body postures)
as well as the mental aspects of practice – breathing and connection.
The course is suited for beginners and those  more advanced who want to sharpen their practice.

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Arm balance

Vinyasa - Advanced
7 Clips
201.7 minutes

This course teaches and establishes a strong base for arm balance asanas (poses)
Balance asanas (poses) come in different series and styles in the yoga world and in different variations.  
Learning to strengthen the base (Banda’s & core muscles), precision of breath while holding in asana (pose), correct worm-up for hand stands.
All of these will be learnd in this course.
The course Is suited for those who are more advanced and want to add a level of challenge to their practice.

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Sound meditation

Meditation practice
6 Clips
115.6 minutes

Meditation is a tool for everyone in any place or time.
Introduction to the guidelines of practice, will enable you to practice
independently at any time.
In this course we will learn how to approach the practice of meditation,
stabilizing your body correctly and using your breath to remain
in a comfortable posture.
The course is accompanied by live sound, to guide you into a meditative space.

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Daily yoga lifestyle

Implementing yoga’s principles in life
Hatha Yoga - All levels
8 Clips
124.2 minutes

Yoga isn’t just a physical training; yoga goes far beyond that.
The Philosophy of yoga is rich with ancient knowledge and practical tools
that we can incorporate daily in our life.
This course is about the philosophy of Yoga, for those who are interested
 to learn a bit beyond.

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