The Sanskrit word “Hatha” literally translates to “Force” and suggests a method by which we unite our body by force, or strength.

Hatha yoga text is often accredited to Gorkhnath, the famed founder of kanphata yogi, however, Hatha yoga is generally regarded as being much older, dating back to the 200 BCE. Hatha yoga is a branch of yoga that integrates asanas (yoga poses) and pranayama (breathing techniques).

This form of exercise emphasizes body control, and prepares the body for a deeper, more spiritually involved exercises. As we train our body and mind, we will strive to attain spiritual serenity while ignoring any external distractions. Hatha Yoga incorporates a multitude of traditional disciplines including Ashtanga and Vinyasa and is the fundamental discipline that incorporates Asanas and pranayamas. Hatha yoga conditions our bodies to the physically demanding stresses needed for prolonged sessions of meditation. Hatha yoga brings about a sense of unity and harmony between body and spirit, promoting an ideal state for meditation. Therefore, Hatha yoga employs poses (asanas) that increase the efficiency of the meditation by lengthening and straightening our spine allowing energy to flow upward from our spine.

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Feminine yoga

Regulating the body
Hatha Yoga - All levels
8 Clips
308.3 minutes

This course will introduce you to the methods of feminine yoga, combined with
vinyasa yoga.
We will be practicing the strengthening the pelvic floor muscles – The Mula Bandha
And learn a series of coordinated movement and breath.
We will study the asymmetrical poses and the Facia’s beneficial effects on the feminine health.
Yoga can help us regulate our nervous system and nurture the body.

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The basics of yoga

Basis for the sun salutation
Hatha Yoga - All levels
6 Clips
200.9 minutes

In this Course we will learn the basic postures of Yoga that exist in almost every method of practice.
We will get to know the postures of the sun salutation, and the different variations of them. As well practice forward and backwards bends, as a base for deep twists and sitting postures.
All those establish a good base for advanced practice.
The course is suitable for beginners and more advanced yogis

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Gentle transitions

unity by strength
Hatha Yoga - Beginners
4 Clips
62.3 minutes

This is a slow flow course suitable for all experience levels. We will incorporate techniques from several disciplines which will serve to establish a strong foundation and advance your abilities to incorporate more difficult movements and exercises in the future.
The lessons will include several variations of each asana (movement) and will focus on slow, deep breathing techniques, it will introduce movements to increase joint mobility and relieve muscle tension.

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Breathing technique
Hatha Yoga - Advanced
6 Clips
123.3 minutes

Pranayama are breathing techniques but more then that they are the practice of revitalizing the body’s life energy –  the ‘Prana’.
In this course we will get to know the foundations and techniques of pranayama using a counting breathing methods.
The course is suited for those who are advanced and have experience in asanas, and with an ability to seat for several minutes .

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Daily yoga lifestyle

Implementing yoga’s principles in life
Hatha Yoga - All levels
8 Clips
124.2 minutes

Yoga isn’t just a physical training; yoga goes far beyond that.
The Philosophy of yoga is rich with ancient knowledge and practical tools
that we can incorporate daily in our life.
This course is about the philosophy of Yoga, for those who are interested
 to learn a bit beyond.

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