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Feminine yoga Regulating the body

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Teacher: Yael Shaked
Method: Hatha Yoga - All levels
8 Clips
308.3 minutes

This course will introduce you to the methods of feminine yoga, combined with
vinyasa yoga.
We will be practicing the strengthening the pelvic floor muscles – The Mula Bandha
And learn a series of coordinated movement and breath.
We will study the asymmetrical poses and the Facia’s beneficial effects on the feminine health.
Yoga can help us regulate our nervous system and nurture the body.

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Mula Bandha introduction
37 minutes
Connective tissue - stretching
42.2 minutes
Rooting & growth
54.2 minutes
Regulation of the nervous system
47.4 minutes
Practice for menstrual days
23.2 minutes
Rehabilitation practice - after menstrual days
35.3 minutes
Practice for ovulation days
42 minutes
Practice for after ovulation
26.9 minutes