Method: Hatha Yoga - Beginners

Yoga for me is inspiration, it is a way to give thanks and a tool that creates a balance in the vitality of my life flow. It enriches my life and gives me a great sense of satisfaction, passion, compassion and love within myself and an ability to share these feelings with those around me

Orit has been studying and teaching yoga since 1995. She had spent time in New York studying under some of the greatest instructors in the western world. Orit practices meditation, vipassana and Buddhism in the Tovana (insight) Association where she leads desert retreats in Israel and abroad.

"It takes a courage to become who you really are" -e.e. cummings

Course with Orit Vayner


The path to inner peace
Meditation - Advanced
5 Clips
61.3 minutes

Meditation utilizes a variety of techniques to achieve inner peace, induce self-reflection and introspection, strengthen the spiritual connection and general wellbeing  and provide oneself with a sense of accomplishment. Meditation, therefore, is an important tool that we can use for self-healing and realization. Meditation is often mischaracterized as a method to silence our thoughts; however, this is not the case. It is rather a tool to reflect on our thoughts and inspect them from a different perspective, withholding any judgment or criticism. In fact, we can train our way of thinking and thereby gain a healthier outlook on any adversities that we may be facing in our daily lives. The advantages associated with meditation include a clearer, less stressful and less anxious emotional state. Moreover, meditation often manifests by an improved physiological state such as a lower blood pressure and a stronger immune system. While meditation can take different forms, there are four overarching requirements that are fundamental for successful meditation, regardless of the specific meditative approach:
A quite place to practice, devoid of any distractions.
A comfortable meditation posture (sitting, laying down, walking etc.)
A simple to practice meditation techniques (this can include mindful breathing, a specific word or phrase, a certain object)
An open mind (you should allow you mind to guide you and try not to resist any distracting thoughts that come into your head, but rather let them flow in and out of your thoughts naturally)

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Gentle transitions

unity by strength
Hatha Yoga - Beginners
4 Clips
62.3 minutes

This is a slow flow course suitable for all experience levels. We will incorporate techniques from several disciplines which will serve to establish a strong foundation and advance your abilities to incorporate more difficult movements and exercises in the future.
The lessons will include several variations of each asana (movement) and will focus on slow, deep breathing techniques, it will introduce movements to increase joint mobility and relieve muscle tension.

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