magali sasson

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Method: Integrative Yoga - All levels

Yoga for me is a present for the human race, for us to preserve our health,
physically and mentally, remain in balance and to connect with our true self.
It’s a valuable present, rich with ancient knowledge.
The one walking this path will enjoy uncompromised peacefulness.

My first encounter with yoga was at 16 seeing my parents who practiced regularly.
As a teen, I experienced many difficulties due to ADHD and yoga was my guide in overcoming them. Yoga helped me focus, and better my mental and
physical health as a whole.
At the age of 20 I understood that Yoga was meant to be a key part of my life and I traveled to India where the tradition started.
I studied Hatha yoga in a traditional ashram In India, and when I returned to Israel
I started a teacher’s course in Asthana yoga with the teacher Shimon Ben Zvi.
Later on, I continued to study Iyengar yoga, which attracted me in its preciseness and scientific knowledge. I practice and study Iyengar yoga till this day.
Magali Sasson spend 3 years in Sri Lanka, where she opened a yoga
and retreats center.
Currently Magali is the owner and teacher at PURU YOGA studio, in Tel Aviv.
I invite you to join me in practice and in search of inner peace.

Course with magali sasson

Days of the Woman

Yoga practice during menstruation
Integrative Yoga - All levels
3 Clips
133.5 minutes

The days of menstruation are the days of the woman.
During those days, the woman experiences a hormonal change that
affects her mental and physical state.
Those are the days in which we experience weariness, swelling and often pain.
A suitable and accurate yoga practice can help in reducing pain, and to provide relief.
In this course we will practice positions that will balance us hormonally, increase blood flow and support us with our overall comfort.

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The basics of yoga

Basis for the sun salutation
Hatha Yoga - All levels
6 Clips
200.9 minutes

In this Course we will learn the basic postures of Yoga that exist in almost every method of practice.
We will get to know the postures of the sun salutation, and the different variations of them. As well practice forward and backwards bends, as a base for deep twists and sitting postures.
All those establish a good base for advanced practice.
The course is suitable for beginners and more advanced yogis

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