Integrative Yoga

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Integrative yoga draws its roots from the Hatha yoga discipline. It combines different yoga techniques, especially drawing from Iyenger Yoga. This form of yoga stresses precise poses and body awareness. It emphasizes pose holding to ensure that the optimal pose is achieved while developing balance. Integrative yoga utilizes many props because of the demanding nature of this discipline. Because of its emphasis on prolonged stance and low impact, it is extremely therapeutic and can be used with anyone regardless of any kind of physical disability. In such cases, this discipline is very adaptable, and thus it can be altered to suit a particular disability.


Throughout the exercise we focus on fine tuning our stance and position, while experiencing the effect of holding a pose for a prolonged time. The precision and constant adjustment to find the precise position to allow optimal realignment of our anatomical structures is crucial for this form of yoga. And yet, this form of exercise extends to our spiritual wellbeing as well. By precisely aligning our bodies we free up our mind for introspective reflection and we can begin to pay attention to our body’s connection with our soul.

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Days of the Woman

Yoga practice during menstruation
Integrative Yoga - All levels
3 Clips
133.5 minutes

The days of menstruation are the days of the woman.
During those days, the woman experiences a hormonal change that
affects her mental and physical state.
Those are the days in which we experience weariness, swelling and often pain.
A suitable and accurate yoga practice can help in reducing pain, and to provide relief.
In this course we will practice positions that will balance us hormonally, increase blood flow and support us with our overall comfort.

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