Method: Ashtanga Vinyasa - All levels

The first time I encountered Ashtanga yoga, I was hooked, like a moth to a flame I became consumed by it. Sri K Pattabhi once said “practice and all is coming”, meaning that in life will come to you as you commit yourself to practice. Training Asanas helps me connect with my inner being and it allows me to grow as a man.

Roy encountered yoga when he attended a workshop lead by Ashtanga yoga masters John Scott and Lucy Scott (both disciples of the late yoga master Sri K Pattabhi). Roy later trained under John and Lucy and became a certified instructor of ashtanga yoga having logged over 500+ hours of instruction. Roy has a degree in psychology and Hakomi psychotherapy.
Training is a tremendous tool for Roy, it allows him to open his heart and experience life and exploring his mind.
Roy is a Myesor yoga instructor in Tel Aviv and abroad.
He lives in a Kibbutz, Be’eri with his life partner.

Course with Roee Weiss

Ashtanga counted method

Practice the first series
Ashtanga Vinyasa - All levels
17 Clips
117.9 minutes

Train the Counted Ashtanga Primary Series.
The training entails a three-phase approach to every pose (asana):
In the first phase we will breakdown the postures of every asana as we actively practice counting
In the second phase we will practice the asana as we count aloud
Finally, we will practice the asana while maintain a silent count

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