Yonatan Grosman

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I view the practice of Yoga as a metaphor. I put my body in difficult and challenging positions, while simultaneously demanding my mind to experience a calm and collected conscious state. I flow through a space while I contort and move, yet, at the same time, I concentrate and focus to produce a constant and consistent quality of movement, I do this in serenity and with a quite mind. I close my eyes, concentrate on my breathing, I experience my body’s position in space; these exercises are not an expression of seclusion, but rather an expression of my ability to find inner strength. A kind of stability that is independent on external conditions. This allows me to experience the outer world in a quite and calm outlook, which I find to be something that improves me.

I first encountered yoga, while I was traveling in india in 2001. When I returned to Israel I began training to become a yoga instructor under Orit San Gupta. I completed my studies in 2004 and have been working as an instructor since.
Yonatan founded the “Studio for dance and Yoga” in Jerusalem in 2007. He has been teaching and practicing inner growth seminars since 2007 in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. His experties lie in Vijnana yoga. Yonatan draws from “the Master of Masters” Krishnahmchuria and from Yoga’s deepest philosophies.  Vijnana yoga was developed by Orit Sen Gupta, however, it derives its fundamental philosophies from Krishnamacharya, “the father of modern Yoga”. The name Vijnana literally means inner clarity in Sanskrit and refers to the knowledge that is not obtained through simple observation, but rather as an epiphany, a knowledge or insight that occurs intuitively. The exercises practiced in vijnana are conducted through quiet sitting and meditation, Paranayma (breathing) and a range of asanas (movements), these are aimed to achieve the seven prinicples: Relaxing the body, relaxing the mind, focusing through Intent, rooting, Connecting, Awareness of breath, Expanding – Elongating and widening.
From a technical point of view, the session involves a wide range of movements that can be modified according to the individual’s abilities- slow/fast, static/dynamic, rudimentary/advanced etc.
Yonatan lives with his partner Hagit and their 3 kids

Course with Yonatan Grosman

Active Cooldown

Train introspective reflection
Vijnana - All levels
7 Clips
274.1 minutes

This exercise breaks down common asanas and teaches appropriate techniques-
The exercises include sun salutations, various balancing poses, forward bending and backward bending poses, hand stands, breathing techniques, introspective reflection and awareness meditations.

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