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Active Cooldown Train introspective reflection

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Teacher: Yonatan Grosman
Method: Vijnana - All levels
7 Clips
274.1 minutes

This exercise breaks down common asanas and teaches appropriate techniques-
The exercises include sun salutations, various balancing poses, forward bending and backward bending poses, hand stands, breathing techniques, introspective reflection and awareness meditations.

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Pranayama- breathing exercises (study)
39.8 minutes
Sun salutation flow for beginners
17.2 minutes
Short body strengthening and maintenance exercise
30.9 minutes
Increase hip joint and thigh mobility
33.5 minutes
Dynamic exercise that incorporates a variety of different movements
67.4 minutes
Advanced standing poses exercise
31.9 minutes
Dynamic exercise-Advance forward bending exercises and handstand balance
53.5 minutes