Liran Salomon

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Method: Sanskrit Poses - All levels

My mother says that when I came out into the world, my little feet were already wrapped in water lilies. Yoga, in its most basic form, is naked and true, it allows me to simplify the most intricate and convoluted things into simple coherent ideas. Yoga enables me to find structure in chaos and reconnects me to myself.

Liran is a former dancer and performer, however, as she claims, dancing had never been able to satisfy her inquisitive nature. About 15 years ago, a friend of hers introduced Liran to the world of yoga, and she has been hooked ever since. Liran enjoys most of all the opportunity yoga provides her with self-exploration and the challenge and stimulating nature that can be withdrawn from practicing yoga. She is currently an instructor of many private group courses. Liran had trained under Eyal Chechnivski and had studied to become an instructor of Ashtanga-vinyasa.
Liran lives in Tel Aviv

Course with Liran Salomon

Yoga Glossary

Sanskrit Poses
Sanskrit Poses - All levels
11 Clips
33 minutes

Yoga Glossary
Includes a short introduction to the different poses (Asanas) and the respective terminology of each exercise in Sanskrit, Hebrew, and English

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