Erica Rintovich

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Method: Ashtanga Vinyasa - All levels

My yoga journey started with Zipi Winner- B.K.S Iyengar closest student &  certified teacher. I was 11 years old. After two years of practicing with Zipi I understood that yoga is an inseparable part of my life and I decided to go deeper. I started my Vedanta studies & yoga practice at the Sivananda yoga center in Tel Aviv. I was 13 years old. I grew up in this center and after few years did my first Yoga Teacher Training program with the Sivananda yoga Vedanta school.

Along with my yoga studies I developed a professional career as an international ballet dancer (Madrid, Zurich, TLV).
My yoga practice supported me a lot in this field as well. At the age of 16 I discovered  Pilates☺️I did my Pilates Teacher Training & specialized in Pilates for rehabilitation. I combine a lot of this knowledge in my yoga classes. In addition to my practice I did my first BA in Tel Aviv university, majoring in East Asian studies, specializing in Indian philosophy. I combine a lot of this knowledge in my yoga classes as well. With the years I had the privilege to meet Sri Dharma Mittra and open up to a new, different & very dynamic practice. I went through my second Yoga Teacher Training with him. Few years ago I had the privilege to meet a dear man, wonderful teacher, an inspiration for life- Shimon Ben Avi. He was a direct student of Sri K Pattabhi Jois. I did my third teacher training with him, specializing in Ashtanga yoga and was his assistant in the following teacher training. In 2008 I was in the foundation team of “Pure Studios” in TLV where I managed  the professional team of teachers & instructors in the studio. As for today, I study in KPJAYI- the central Ashtanga yoga institute that was founded by the late Sri .K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore India. I’m staying there for few months each year, studying with Saraswathi and R. Sharath Jois. I'm giving yoga retreats, workshops and Teacher trainings around the world. I'm very happy to meet you:)

Course with Erica Rintovich

Ashtanga - primary series

Comprehensive first series course
Ashtanga Vinyasa - All levels
18 Clips
435.3 minutes

The following course encompasses the entire Ashtanga primary series.
The course entails the guiding philosophy that underly Ashtanga Yoga (in which we focus postures, breathing techniques, Sanskrit counting methodology, and tales of ashtanga mythology that serve as the foundations of this ancient technique)
This course breaks down the ashtanga primary series into segments highlighting each of the poses within the primary series (standing poses, sitting poses, forward bend poses, backward bend poses and inverted poses)

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