Yuval Fingerman

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Method: Ano Yoga - All levels

Look how the trees practice waking up as objects pass them by- Israel Eliraz

Yuval had begun studying Yoga in 2006. He had trained Under Anat Tzchor for 3 years to become an accredited instructor, later becoming an instructor in the same studio, training future instructors himself. Currently, Yuval works as an instructor in the "Lotus" studio as well as "Nia" studio. He also runs his own studio where he focuses on training therapeutic Yoga techniques. He has also developed his own unique technique that integrates his background as a yoga instructor and therapist into his courses. His techniques emphasize slow and precise movements, drawing elements from the Iyenger yoga methods. As an instructor and an educator, Yuval inspires his students to dive into the movements and develop physically, mentally, and spiritually.
Yuval is also a dancer, actor, personal therapist (employing the Greenberg technique) and puppeteer.
Yuval lives in Giva'atayim with his partner Maya and their 3 kids.

Course with Yuval Fingerman

Ano Yoga

reacquaint yourself with yoga
Ano Yoga - All levels
9 Clips
221.6 minutes

This course uses props to emphasizes precise body movement exercises through sitting and standing asanas (movements) that will strengthen your physical body and spiritual being.

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