The name Ano yoga is derived from the ancient Sanskrit language meaning “unity, togetherness, connection”. Ano yoga highlights this unity as a methodology to practice and train our bodies by incorporating a deep attention to our physical state, breathing techniques and the way we think. The different asanas (movements) in this style flow from one asana to the other and creates a sense of unity between these movements. In so doing, and a fundamental understanding of our bodie’s physiology, we can achieve precision in our movements and poses and these in turn allow introspection and reflection.

Throughout these exercises, we can incorporate props to help attain these precise movements, and improve our learning process of Ano Yoga in all of its facets: physical, mental and spiritual.

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Ano Yoga

reacquaint yourself with yoga
Ano Yoga - All levels
9 Clips
221.6 minutes

This course uses props to emphasizes precise body movement exercises through sitting and standing asanas (movements) that will strengthen your physical body and spiritual being.

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